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Birds and Exotics 

Caring for your birds, pocket pets, and exotic pets requires special training, and experience in exotic care, diet, and medicine.  Our veterinarians have an interest in exotics and enjoy opportunities to expand on their knowledge, including attending classes and other educational opportunities.

Alternative Therapies

Since graduating as a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA) from the the Chi Institute in 2016, Dr. Hagewood has been able to provide additional relief to her patients using Eastern Medicine techniques, including acupuncture and Chinese herbs. This modality is often used as an adjunct to other therapies. A Western medical diagnosis is required prior to accupuncture therapy. Acupuncture therapy involves the insertion of very small, sterile needles into specific points of the body leading to a therapeutic effect. The majority of patients willingly accept the needles. Additional therapies may include electro-accupuncture, as well as aqua accupuncture. Acupuncture therapy may be effective in the following conditions: muscle soreness, arthritis, joint disease, neurological disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, behavioral issues, and other chronic conditions, along with providing maintenance and enhancement of hospice care. 

The Therapy Laser uses a beam of laser light to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it.  This causes a biological response within the cells called “photo-bio-modulation”.  This stimulates each individual cell to repair and rejuvenate itself.  The Companion Therapy Laser has been successful in treating acute pain, chronic conditions, and post-surgical pain.  We commonly use laser therapy to treat wounds, allergies, infections, sprains, fractures, degenerative joint disease, inflammatory bowel disease, periodontal disease, arthritis, and many more.  We offer a variety of treatment packages tailored to meet your pet’s medical needs.

Allergy Testing and Dermatology

Allergic skin diseases, ear diseases, and infectious skin diseases make life uncomfortable for dogs and cats. We offer both in-house skin testing as well as allergy testing to diagnose your pet’s condition. Our veterinarians can then implement a long-term treatment plan to improve your pet’s quality of life.

Preventative Care

We strive to maintain your pet’s good health and prevent illness.  Regular physical examinations allow early detection of potential health issues. We recommend an annual comprehensive physical examination for all pets along with routine blood screening and fecal examinations. Senior pets require more frequent examinations to detect possible age-related problems. Your veterinarian will fill out a physical exam report card for your pet, outlining the physical exam findings and recommendations.



DISTEMPER: A highly contagious, often fatal, viral disease spread by direct contact via the air by a sneeze or coughor aerosolized saliva from the affected animal.

HEPATITIS: A potentially fatal viral disease that affects the liver (this is different than human hepatitis). It is transmitted by direct contact with the infected urine or nasal and eye discharge.

PARAINFLUENZA: A highly contagious airborne viral bronchitis.  It is one component of kennel cough.

PARVO VIRUS: A viral disease that causes a potentially fatal intestinal tract problem.  It is transmitted by the feces of an infected dog.  This virus is very stable in the environment and has been recovered from contaminated surfaces even after three months.

LEPTOSPIROSIS: A potentially fatal bacterial infection which may can also lead to permanent liver or kidney damage.  It is carried by rats and other rodents, but can affect almost any mammalian species including humans.  It is transmitted by ingestion of infected urine or rodent-contaminated garbage.

RABIES: A viral disease that is 99% fatal and is spread by the bite of a rabid animal.  It can affect mammals including humans.  This vaccine is required by state law. 

BORDETELLA: Suggested for dogs that are in training classes or dog shows, visit dog parks, or grooming salons, or stay at boarding kennels.  Bordetella is one of the causes of also known as kennel cough or infectious tracheobronchitis.

LYME: This is a bacterial disease that is transmitted through the bite of an infected tick. This vaccine is recommended for dogs that frequent wooded areas or visit endemic areas.


FVRCP is a combination vaccine for felines. It includes:

RHINOTRACHEITIS: A common viral disease that causes sneezing, runny nose, and runny eyes.

CALICIVIRUS: A viral disease that causes sneezing, runny nose, runny eyes, and oral ulcers.

PANLEUKOPENIA: A potentially fatal viral disease that suppresses the immune system and acts similar to Parvo virus in the dog.  This virus is spread in all excretions and is transmitted via contaminated water, fooeed bowls, or on shoes and clothing.

FELINE LEUKEMIA: A viral disease that is spread through bodily fluids.  It can suppress the immune system and can be fatal.  This vaccine is recommended for cats that go outdoors, attend cat shows, or live in multiple cat households.

RABIES: A viral disease that is 99% fatal and is spread by the bite of a rabid animal.  It can affect mammals including humans. It is recommended for all cats, even those that do not go outdoors.

FELINE INFECTIOUS PERITONITS: Is a potentially fatal viral disease that is spread by bodily fluids.  This vaccine is highly recommended for cats used for breeding or live in catteries. 


Our hospital maintains a complete medical pharmacy for our animal patients. We use a local compounding pharmacy to compound special medications for your pet.  We carry a large inventory of pharmaceuticals, prescription diets, and preventative products for heartworm disease, fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites.  It is our utmost priority to ensure your pet remains healthy and comfortable.  Our AAHA approved pain relief protocols aim to keep  your pet free of discomfort.  We carry the following high quality diets for both cats and dogs: Hills, Royal Canin, Purina, and a variety of nutritional supplements.  Our veterinarians will be happy to offer guidance regarding your pet’s nutritional needs.

Drop off services

We understand today’s hectic pace and do everything we can to make the care of your pet as easy as possible. We make every effort to see your pet at a time that is convenient with your schedule. We are glad to offer a morning drop off service to care for your pet while you are at work. Please call us so that we can take care of your pet’s needs.

Pet Lodging

For your convenience and your pet’s comfort, we offer pet lodging while you are away. Feel secure knowing that your dogs, cats, birds or exotic pets will be well cared for while you are out of town. Our animal assistants feed and nurture your best friend, and provide copious amounts of attention.  Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians examine pets daily and alert doctors if any problems arise.  Additionally, a nail trim, bath, ear cleaning, examination or oral health assessment/dental cleaning can be performed while your pet is staying with us. We also provide medical boarding for our patients who need medications or special medical care.


Our hospital offers grooming services to ensure your pet stays clean, happy, and healthy.  Services include nail trims, ear cleanings, baths, medicated baths, expressing anal glands, and dematting.  We also offer nail trims, wing trims, and beak trims for our feathered friends.  Call to schedule your pet’s grooming appointment today.


Radiography (x-rays) is an important diagnostic tool. Radiographs help our veterinarians evaluate musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems.  Our doctors and licensed technicians are highly trained in the use of radiographs to ensure the highest quality radiographic technique and proper diagnoses. We are able to consult with veterinary radiologists online to aid in diagnosis. Our digital radiology machine is quicker and safer than conventional analog radiography.


At times, your pet may require surgery or a hospital stay. Rest assured that your pet will be expertly cared for by our veterinarians and licensed technicians.  We perform pre-anesthetic blood work to determine your pet’s overall health before all anesthetic procedures.  We use the latest monitoring equipment and place intravenous catheters to administer anesthetic drugs and intravenous fluids.  Your pet will be given pain relief medication before, during and after the procedure and will also be dispensed pain relief medication to help manage any discomfort once at home.

Dental Care

The proper care of your pet’s teeth is just as important as the care of your own. Our hospital teaches proper dental preventative care. We recommend an annual dental examination and professional cleaning for your pet. We perform digital dental radiology as a part of our dental services. This aids in the detection of abnormalities below the gum line that cannot be seen with examination alone. Dental radiographs help identify tooth root infections, periodontal bone loss, and tumors. Additionally, dental radiographs can confirm the need for extraction of teeth that are loose or infected.   


We have extensive in-house diagnostic equipment which allows us to obtain a faster and more accurate diagnosis. We also have access to outside commercial laboratories for specialized diagnostic testing and consultation. Our licensed veterinary technicians are trained to perform tests for dogs and cats, and are among the few technicians in the area to be specially trained to perform laboratory tests for exotic animal species.  Our in house tests include complete blood counts, blood chemistries, electrolytes, urinalysis, fecal parasite, and disease screening, skin scrapings, fine needle aspirates, gram stains, pancreatitis tests, feline leukemia and FIV tests, heartworm tests, and measurements of phenobarbital levels.


Our ultrasound machine allows a complete examination of your pet’s abdomen and chest without invasive surgery.  Using sound waves instead of radiation, ultrasonography allows our veterinarians to see soft tissue abnormalities, obtain urine or tissue samples, or check a pet for pregnancy.  Our doctors have access to many veterinary specialists via telemedicine to aid in the interpretation of ultrasonographic images.  


A microchip is a permanent form of identification for your pet.  This tiny, inexpensive chip is administered under the skin around the shoulder area, much like a vaccine.  It contains a one-of-a-kind identification number that can never be lost.  Once found, your lost pet can be scanned, and with with a simple phone call the company can provide your contact information once registered. We have experienced many happy reunions of lost pets and their families because of the microchip.

Other services:

Euthanasia and Cremation 

Saying goodbye to a long time friend can be very painful and is the most difficult part of owning a pet.  We understand how hard this decision can be.  We offer euthanasia services as a peaceful, humane choice.  We want to make this tough experience as comfortable as possible.  If you would prefer a peaceful passing at home, we can accommodate that need with a house call.  We offer a variety of cremation options for your beloved family member. A clay paw print impression can be made and decorated with glass beads for you to take home with you.

Behavioral and Nutritional Counseling

We recognize that the best pet is a happy, well-behaved pet.  Our veterinarians offer guidance for you and your pet regarding issues such as separation anxiety, biting, chewing, inappropriate elimination, and many other behavioral issues.  Additionally, a prescription medication or specialist consult may be used to help manage these behaviors.  We also provide counseling regarding your pet’s nutritional needs.  Your pet’s dietary requirements change based on age, reproductive stage, activity level, and health condition. Our veterinarians would be happy to offer advice to ensure your pet is receiving the proper diet.  We have prescription diets avaliable for pets with specific conditions in which nutritional intervention plays an important role in disease management. 

House Calls

We understand that visiting the veterinary hospital may be a very stressful experience for some pets. To ease your pet’s anxiety and accommodate to your needs, our veterinarians and technicians are able to travel to your home to provide services.  You may contact our hospital to see if a house call is available for your pet.