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Other Services

Euthanasia and Cremation

Saying goodbye to a long time friend can be very painful and is the most difficult part of owning a pet. We understand how hard this decision can be. We offer euthanasia services as a peaceful, humane choice. We want to make this hard experience as comfortable as possible. If you would prefer a peaceful passing at home, we can accommodate that need with a house call. We offer a variety of cremation options for your beloved family member. A clay paw print impression can be made and decorated with glass beads for you to take home with you. Faithful Companions Memorial

Behavioral and Nutritional Counseling

We recognize that the best pet is a happy, well-behaved pet. Our veterinarians offer guidance for you and your pet regarding issues such as separation anxiety, biting, chewing, inappropriate elimination and many other behavioral issues. Additionally, a prescription medication or specialist consult may be used to help manage these behaviors. We also provide counseling regarding your pet’s nutritional needs. Your pet’s dietary requirements change based on age, reproductive stage, activity level and health condition. Our veterinarians would be happy to offer advice to insure your pet is receiving the proper diet. We have prescription diets avaliable for pets with specific conditions in which nutritional intervention plays an important role in disease management.

House Calls

We understand that visiting the veterinary hospital may be a very stressful experience for some pets. To ease your pet’s anxiety and accomodate to your needs, our veterinarians and technicians are able to travel to your home to provide services. You can contact our hospital to make arrangements for a house call.